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Introduction to Centering Prayer, August 14-16, 2015, Friday 7:30 pm to Sunday 1:30 pm

Centering PrayerExperience a contemplative prayer form with the potential to transform your spiritual life. This introductory retreat will provide the fundamentals and background of Centering Prayer and show you how to develop a continuing practice. Excellent refresher for experienced practitioners, too. Darlyne Pape and Donna Kreiensieck from Boise, Idaho will be facilitating this introductory Centering Prayer experience. Darlyne and Donna are experienced Centering Prayer practitioners and have facilitated retreats here at Spirit Center for the past 10 years. Suggested donation: $195 single / $145 each shared. Learn more and register...



Herbal Wisdom for Today, August 20-23, 2015, Thursday 7:30 pm to Sunday 1:30 pm *FULL* Please call 208-962-2000 to be put on the waiting list.

carlottaMother Earth is continually sharing her bounty. Join us in exploring and enjoying her healing gifts and creating remedies from them. Participants will experience a variety of hands-on opportunities. Presented by Carlotta Maria Fontes, OSB -- Master Herbalist and creator of Nature's Gifts. Suggested donation: $245 single / $195 each shared. Learn more...





Living as a Monk, Initial Week: August 21-28, 2015

BenedictA Benedictine Spirituality Cohort
Explore how the Benedictine monastic life can be lived by ordinary people seeking God in their everyday lives. This nine-month cohort program begins with a directed retreat, followed by nine months of intensive remote instruction and a concluding retreat. Facilitated by Sister Teresa Jackson. Learn more...




The Sacred Art of Traditional Iconography, August 31 - September 4, 2015


"Christ Enthroned," by Father Damian Higgins

"Whether we know it or not, we're an iconographic people," Father Damian Higgins says. "We're surrounded by images we respond to, but mostly they advertise. They direct us toward a product. Holy icons direct us not toward themselves, but toward the divine." Father Damian is an iconographer whose numerous works are featured in churches and collections around the world. Don't miss this encounter with sacred Christian art. All materials provided and no artistic experience needed. Suggested donation: $535 Learn more and register...






EAC Reunion Retreat,  September 24-27, 2015 Thursday 7:30 pm to Sunday 1:30 pm

artsEmbracing the Artistic Call alumni are invited to return for a reunion retreat to relax, meet and build relationships with the larger EAC community, and renew commitments to living our creative lives with intention. Open to those who have experienced the Embracing the Artistic Call cohort program. Suggested donation: $270 single / $220 shared.





Embracing the Artistic Call: A Cohort Program for Exploring the Mystery of the Creative Experience, Initial Week: February 22-26, 2016

embracingA Creative Expressions Cohort

Working together, we will embrace the profound mystery of creative expression, nurture new artistic possibilities and support our individual artistic journeys. The program includes two retreats and guided work at home over a 12-week period. Open to established artists as well as those longing to live a creative life with intention. Learn more and register...




Online Retreats: Make a Retreat from Work or Home

Online RetreatA retreat is always a time to get away from our daily routine and take some special time for ourselves and to spend some time with God and deepening our faith life. Although it is nice to be able to go away for a retreat, this isn’t always possible. The online retreat is designed for people who want to make a retreat but aren’t able to get away. You can make this retreat without leaving your home or office. FREE. Make an online retreat...




Take in the view. Take your time.

For your retreat, consider the bus! Have someone else drive while you take in the scenery. Some people have found that riding the bus is not only a less stressful way to travel in winter, but more peaceful and economical at all times of the year. The Cottonwood area is served by Northwestern Trailways and we are happy to transport you from the bus stop and back. Find affordable rates and purchase tickets at NorthwesternTrailways.com.

Retreatants coming from a distance often extend their stays by a day or two, making the experience "worth the trip." While one person might choose to come a day early to pray and prepare himself to go into retreat, another might elect to stay a day afterwards, in order to process her experience before returning to daily life. A night's stay at Spirit Center is $85 donation, which includes meals. Ask about the opportunities to come early and stay late when you register for your next retreat. Call us at 208-962-2000 to learn more and/or schedule to be picked up.

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