If Thine Eye Be Single: Finding Focus on the Creative Path, March 19-21, 2013 *Mid-Week Retreat*

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"If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." Matthew 6:22

Our creativity is always calling to be expressed through us in various ways. In our choices to respond to these inspirations, we often feel intimidated by the changes in our lives that such responses might require.

Upon a closer look, we might see that following our inspiration can be full of simplicity and delight. Most often it is the blocks and excuses we make to avoid our creative selves that are what we experience as complex and heavy.

In this retreat, we will explore teachings from the Christian tradition that inspire the focus and simplicity required to act on our inspirations, which are really divine promptings to share more light and love in the world.


TheresaFacilitator Theresa Henson is an exhibiting artist, published poet/writer and student in the Master of Transforming Spirituality program at Seattle University. She is also the Monastery's Communications Manager.



Register"If Thine Eye Be Single: Finding Focus on the Creative Path" begins Tuesday, March 19 at 7:30 pm and ends Thursday, March 21 at 1:30 pm. No artistic experience necessary. Suggested donation: $170 single / $120 shared (per person). For more information, call 208-962-2000 or email spirit-center@stgertrudes.org.